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last night i was asked “What is your position in Ywam?”

position? do we even have those yet? i kind of laughed and the first thing i could think of was, “assistant to the director”. of course this isn’t my actual position or title because i do not have one, and as we are still pioneering this is kind of a difficult question to answer.

an easier question to answer is what do i do everyday. so in case you are interested, as of right now this is my schedule-


morning: wake up to roosters outside my window. quiet time. team meetings (each morning varies with either worship, prayer, DTS planning/ vision casting and bible study). doing or preparing for our team jobs, which for me includes teaching inductive bible study, co leading worship, answer our emails and registering our students.

afternoons: I volunteer at a nearby elementary school (M/W/F I help the kids with their writing in a Grade 1/2 class, T/TH I help in the computers lab). mondays we hang with the  anahola youth after school and wednesdays I help with a jr high girls bible study.

evenings: Tuesday nights I help at a womens shelter, Wednesdays we go to a young adults group from our church, Fridays (weather permitting) our church has a beach bbq outreach.

Weekends: free besides church on Sunday.

Sporadically: Once a month we help at a movie night in Anahola. We are also part of The Seeds of Restoration garden committee down in Anahola park.

The things I do may seem rather discombobulated so to tie it all together here is my three fold focus:

1. Value youth. A) Because they’re so much fun to hang with! And B) Cause I long to bring value and worth to the kids who grow up in a community where the statistics say they are the most susceptible to teenage pregnancy, meth use and suicide.

2. Educate  It is incredibly easy to impact a classroom simply by showing up with a love for kids and the ability to help them excel.  For as long as I can remember the desire to teach in some capacity has been a constant in my life, so being un(professionally)educated yet still getting to be in the classroom everyday is such a blessing to me!

3. Impact Anahola People on this island view Anahola as the ghetto and have very low expectations for this village, but I see so many beautiful people and potential for restoration there!


So that is my life, at least for now. Things can change rapidly when you are pioneering and we will be much busier when the school starts in September.

Besides showering and doing dishes, I honestly love every single part of my day and am so thankful the Lord has called me to be a part of what He is doing on Kauai for such a time as this.

Thank you all for your prayers and support, I am so blessed to be here and couldn’t do it without you!










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  1. matty says:

    I love your updates Kimmy. So cool to see you out there impacting the lives of others around you. Keep up the fantastic work you are destined to do. 🙂
    Love you tons.

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