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Camp Faith

Check out the documentary of our progress in renovating Camp Faith:


Now the story:

When we first moved here in January 2010, we rented out two houses in the village of Anahola. We felt God calling us specifically to Anahola as it is one of the most spiritually dark areas of the island, here the majority of teen suicides happen annually. It is known by locals as the ghetto of Kauai. It has been a challenging journey so far, but God has been so faithful to see YWAM Kauai become a success. In September we ran our first Discipleship Training School with six students and took two teams out to the nations of China and India. And now this fall we will run our second DTS to train and send around 10 students to work with woman caught in prostitution in Indonesia.

We knew that for this second DTS to happen a few things regarding our housing would have to change. With our numbers growing this year it is no longer possible to have lectures taught out of our living/dining room.

On to Camp Faith.
About a kilometer down the road from where we live there is a Christian camp that sits on about 15 acres of land. It is beach front/river front property used every second week by a local church and very rarely conferences are held here. When we first moved to Kauai people would tell us how perfect this camp would be for a Ywam location, but how hard it would be to get. Apparently numerous ministries over the years have approached the church council asking to use the camp, only to be turned down. Ever since we heard of this camp we have been praying God would make a way for us to use it. That time has now come!

Here is how it unfolded. About a week and a half ago Josh, a staff here with Ywam met with the Pastor’s son, the deacon who overseas the camp, explaining YWAM and asking if the camp was available to rent. No definite answer was given, but the man told Josh to come back and share about it on Sunday to see what the congregation thought. So he did, he started with his testimony and went on to explain what YWAM is and how God has used it to transform his life. As he shared he noticed a Hawaiian auntie turning to her neighbours and saying”Thats him! Thats him!” As soon as the service was over she walked up to Josh, latched on to his arm and told him who he was. He was the Asian man (Josh is Korean/Japanese/Dutch) that she has had recurring dreams about for the past seven years. In the dream this Asian man was explaining how he wanted to bring foreigners to Camp Faith in order to minister to the nations. Exactly what we as Ywam Kauai intend to do.

The congregation agreed that it was Gods will for us to come stay at the camp, and so this last week we wrote up a contract to live here for the next DTS and have already started massive renovations on one of the buildings.

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