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today was a fairytale…

… i wore a dress.
in the most un-cliche sense of the phrase, ’tis true.

nothing frill or fancy, just a jean shirt style $5 Macy’s kinda deal dress.
i wore it to church, where the message was on Moses, Gods intercessor.
the potluck lunch began with caramel pecan brownies.
we picked up a hitchhiker. or a new friend who just 5 days ago was a hitchhiker.
on wednesday, after we drove this dude down the highway for ten minutes i invited him to our church’s beach bbq on friday nights.
friday came and we sat down at the kitchen table to pray for evangelism that night.
i prayed, doubting but hoping our hitchhiker would remember to come.
and he did, bringing two friends along. we sat on the beach and got to talking about Jesus, the church and missions.
today we picked him up from his place and we surfed at the beach across from our house.
it was the best day of surfing i have ever experienced, with perfect waves for my limited skill level. later his two friends joined us at the beach.
the rain came and i bailed. after my shower i joined Mikayla (a new girl on staff here) and three neighborhood kids in a game of volleyball in our backyard. volleyball turned into cops and robbers. enter our company, returning from the beach, who quickly joined in our little game as we slipped around the yard as it rained heavier.
dinner was had.
girls at the big table, boys at the shorter coffee table that we scooted together so we could all be together.
drawing games were played. more friends stopped by. and the night ended with some coconut baseball and a walk on the beach under a full moon.

today felt like everything we have been working towards come together.
when we started Ywam Kauai, we as a pioneering team would often share our dreams and visions for how we wanted our base to look. having neighborhood kids come play in our yard, having hippie young adults over for dinner and having friends outside of Ywam feel comfortable to stop by all fit that bill.
to a T.
thats why today was my kind of fairytale.

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