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okay, i guess i owe it to whoever happens to still read this to write a lil something. i dont have much time and you never know when the power will cut out (this happens every single day because there were previously bad ppl in the government who stole money and so budget cuts went to the power supply here…how crazy is that). anyways i cant go into much detail since im ina muslim closed country…but we were up north for the first month working in villages, mainly rickshawing it around in our bangla sharwar kamis ( a tunic dress like outfit, with pants underneath and orna (scarf) around our necks), goiung and doing housevisits, talking with christian and hindus families, praying for healings, ministering, experiencing the excellent bangladesh hospitality. Every lil dirt,brick, or straw home we enter always feedsa us fruita nd snacks, sometimes coconut water or 7 up, these people have so little but share so much. We get followed and stared at every where we go, more so in the small towns and villages cause they rarely see tourists. The little girls love to hold my hand , play with my hair, scratch at my skin. Going out shopping can create quite the crowd of ppl so we try to go out in smaller groups. We have seen God do incredible things outside of our group and within, like we expected to be blessing others while we were here …but they always manage to bless us even more. I cant stress enough how incredible these peoples hospitality is. A couple friends and i decided to have an all night prayer time a couple nigths ago, which was really amazing, ive never prayer for so long before , but the time went by so fast. Its hard at times here with the heat, having to wear these outfits and eating bangla food , but i try my best not to complain and am enjoying my time here throughly and try to live every day to the fullest. My time is up i love you all. Kimberly

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so much to say so little time, there are other ppl waiting for a computer so ill keep this short. i am alive and well, only a few back scars from a wee lil rickshaw accident two weeks worries. god is moving, weve just recently seen miracles in the villages we were ministering in. ive preached twice so far without croaking. ate a fish eyeball the other day. chewy. i love and miss you all. and sry dad i didnt have internet till now, email me with the flight info. 

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