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leaving on a jet plane

dearest friends and family

I have to wake up in 5 hours and head to the airport.

Its kinda crazy when i stop and think of it logically: CJ and i have never been to Indonesia nor have we ever lead a team before yet 8 students parents are entrusting us to return their children to them safely.

Thus I have butterflies.

but really, God spoke Borneo to me 4 months ago and it is exciting to see that finally come into fulfillment. i know he is gonna give us the strength to rise to this challenge.
i am looking forward to getting out of my lil ywam bubble, where at times i can just coast along in my relationship with God, and out into the unknown where i daily have to rely on Him for everything.
it will be good.
i should sleep.
oh and on friday, the last day of lecture, there were still 4 students who needed $4724 combined to go on outreach. that morning during the course of only a few hours a combination of cheques came in amounting to $4723. Praise Jesus!
i love you all, write me sometime!

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