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an arrow pointing to heaven.

           He is it!
                          He is all there ever was and all there ever will be in this world.
I am moving into a season of being romanced by Jesus.
I cant describe Him.
                            But I love Him.

In other news September school is going great. Our team is amazing! Oh and as an update we are actually the Thailand/Philippines team!  I couldnt write about it before because it wasnt 100% sure, but ya we felt like God was actually calling us to both countries. So we will be heading to Philippines to start and ending in Thailand.The timing seems to be perfect and in liu of the recent tsunami it looks like we will get to be a part of the restoration of homes, churches and hearts of the Filipinos.

Lectures wise, God has been doing a ton of inner healing in staff and students alike. We had two straight weeks of just going through our past, looking at wounds, lies we believe about ourselves, vows, courses, and judgements. How has our past shaped who we are now? Who do we need to forgive? What do we need to let go of? What generational sins do we need to break off? What behaviour issues are a result of all these things and what do we need to change? It was a draining time, dealing with stuff i never really thought was a big deal , and then working through stuff with the students all the time. But the results are so rewarding and i loved it!

This week we have been learning all about the character and nature of God. Its been a good switch from looking inward at the very core of who we are to looking outward to the very vastness of who God is.

Kauai prep is going well. I dont get to be a part of every Kauai meeting just because of the time conflicts with DTS stuff, but thats okay. In November we are taking a trip over to the island for a few days to scope it out and im really excited to actually get to see where im going!

And for your viewing pleasure here are some interesting team time pictures:

We took our students to this beautiful Pali lookout and got rained out.

Then we dressed up like cowboys for no other reason than me wanting to play dress up. We were doing trust games, ie guiding each other around blindfolded. I figured since they already had to bring bandanas, why not complete the ensamble? Haha it was fun!

Stay tuned for next week when we dress up like….

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Hearts unfold.

 For four consecutive weeks this year, May/June, i was in four different countries, from Indonesia to Thailand to the USA to Canada.  Its crazy! One moment i was responsible for the safety of 8 young adults in a third world country. The next im back at Wheatberries responsible to make sure the creme on a customers americano looks just right. Its always good being home, i had a great summer of weddings, camping trips and riding my bike to work everyday. But it was also hard just dealing with homesickness for my life in Hawaii. God is in control though and i know it was good for me to have that three months in Gibsons just to simply be still for a bit. I finally had time to process my experience as a staffer over the last two schools, and I spent allot of time just journaling and working through what it means to be following Jesus when im not in my Ywam bubble. It also gave me time to pray and consider two options that were given to me by my leader Raquel.
  The first being whether i felt like God was asking me to lead an outreach this quarter. The second whether God was calling me to join her and the team that was heading to pioneer a Kauai base in January.
On both accounts i felt God releasing me to reply “Yes!”

 So i find myself here in Hawaii once again, this school i am co leading a team of 7 students with Mr. Samuel Suh to the nation of Thailand! To be completely honest, when God whispered Thailand in my ear during worship a few weeks ago i thought either i was crazy or He was because i had absolutely no desire to go on outreach there! I wanted to go to Nepal, wear a sarwar, eat with my hands and do open airs. Not do prayer walks and friendship evangelism in a second world country. But Gods ways are soo much higher than mine,  and ever since i said “okay God i will go” He has been soo faithful in giving me a heart and filling me with excitement for Thailand!
   The main thing God has been teaching me since being here is simply INTIMACY. Intimacy, intimacy, intimacy. Every outcome i can possibly imagine (freedom, desperation, gifts of the Holy Spirit) all are birthed out of an intimacy with Christ. I really just feel like God is beckoning me into a deeper relationship with Him. Ive never felt so strong an urge just to spend time alone with Him! I feel like after years of doing quiet times out of obligation i am finally crossing over into that place of enjoyment. Ive been studying Song of Songs, and daily just being blown away with the fact that God is so desperate for me. He has been, is, and will always be relentless in his pursuit of me. He has been, is, and will always be recklessly in love with me.

  With that said i am beginning to see how Thailand fits into all this. Its like God is saying, “Let me draw you away from whats comfortable for you- so that you can rely on me.”
   Following Thailand i will be joining the team over in Kauai. There is a ton of unknown attached to what my life pioneering a new base will look like, but its gonna be great.
Its an exciting time to be alive !

Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee, God of glory, Lord of love;
Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee, opening to the sun above.

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