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far east

Today it took about 30 seconds for my thumb to scroll through 145 photographs on my Ipod. The first one is of a bunch of friend jumping on the trampoline at Sarah’s going away party in 2004. We had just graduated and off she went to hair dressing school. Others went UVIC to continue their education. I stayed home, worked, and wondered what was next. The last picture is from April of this year, it is of some friends and I standing in front of Kipu falls here in Kauai. Six years of my life compiled together into one little ipod album.

Lately things have not been the easiest. But as i look back on pictures from home and overseas I am overwhelmed by Gods goodness in my life. Each photograph is a memory of where God has taken me as a leader, a follower, a sister, a daughter, a servant and a friend. I am blown away by his faithfulness.

I can’t keep up with God.

His plans are too grand and His ways are too other.

Kauai has started its first DTS! After eight months of community involvement, team building and planning it is so exciting for us to see this base get up and running. We have six students here with us now and have just started our fourth week of lecture. It’s amazing to see what God has already started to do in these students lives. Its definitely different having such a small school (compared to what we are used to in Honolulu) but its really cool too because it allows us to focus our attention on each student individually so much more.

Two teams will be sent out in December. One to India and then Josh and I are going to some places in the far east. We only have two girls coming with us, which is crazy to me because i am used to leading larger teams, but God is really asking me to trust Him with this outreach. I feel like He is going to be able to use us in new and different ways because of our size, and that we will really have a freedom in our mobility as a team.

The team

He is so worthy of every iota of praise we can give Him.

Praise Him

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