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you would think that i’d get it by now- that God was, is, and will always be faithful. but somehow the couple weeks before we leave for outreach i tend to get all anxious and worried, as if God is too small to handle the details. then in the blink of an eye three months go by and i return home to kauai. students alive and well, they graduate from this little ywam “program” and are changed forever by God and his goodness. we drop them off at the airport a few days later. with no responsibility given me for the next two weeks i have time to breath. sit down for a moment and look back on the last three months of my life. my conclusion- he is faithful!

being in a closed country definitely limits everything (including updating this blog, sorry guys) but i feel like i gained such an appreciation for my freedom like never before.

i saw how God is not limited by the governing authorities, (as he says in His word, He ordains them all) but the gospel can thrive in the unlikeliest of places.

i grew to love a country that i knew only by bumper stickers crying out for freedom.


our team had the privledge of praying in dozens of monasteries and temples. bringing Christ the glory due his name where false gods have been worshiped for hundreds of years.


we met a group of folks my age, they were on day three of their pilgramage from one town to another. i watched them clap their hands above their heads, infront of their chests, kneel on the ground, prostrate themselves and slide across the pavement. stand up. repeat. i couldnt help but simultaneously thank God for the free gift of salvation he has given me, while asking Him to reveal himself to these guys who were working so hard to earn it.

people told us it was unwise to go to such high elevations in the dead of winter, but what God says always trumps what others say. so we went and returned with all our fingers and toes intact. sure we froze at times, but that just unified our team even more as we had to huddle around the fireplace or space heaters together to keep warm.

blessing after blessing after blessing.
when you go to bless, somehow you are blessed in return.
people would offer us their apartment to stay in. then treat us to diner. then buy us coffee. then we would wonder where to live next and someone else would offer us their apartment. we paid for housing 12 of the 87 days of outreach. and just when we thought we couldnt be blessed anymore, whaBAM! we figured out we had saved enough money on housing that we could take a trip to the rooftop of the world. it generally costs a lot of moola to get up there as you need permits and a tour guide each day your in the city (not to mention the train tix to get there).

God is so very good.

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