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My life is lived in three month increments. 3 month lecture phase, 3 month outreach, and usually for me 3 months at home for visa runs. Every transition brings the fun task of packing my life up into one suitcase, one hiking backpack and my guitar case (travel tip #27 -you can squeeze a good twenty extra pounds in those bad boys and the airline clerk never asks to weigh them). Its a royal pain in the you know what. I would go as far as to say that packing is my very least favorite thing about being a missionary. Is loathe too strong a word? Its not just the tediousness of shoving rolled up tshirts into a suitcase or putting my toiletries into ziplocks or deciding which books to take with me or store. Its the fact that packing means upheaval….again. Relocating…again. Goodbyes….again. It can be quite daunting.

And wonderful.
And reminders of what adventure lies ahead.

Packing means newness.
Packing means those books will be read possibly in the remotest corners of a new country.
Packing means that tshirt will feel the embrace of my mothers arms around me soon. Packing means hellos and “long time no see”‘s .
Packing means forward motion.

So I guess im bipolar? Its a love hate relationship really.
I am absolutely not ready to leave Kauai and yet I am thrilled to be going home.
Goodbyes must occur for hellos to begin.

Over the past three months Kauai has become more like home to me than it ever has before.

I formed new friendships. I fell in love with all the kids I got to help teach in Mr. Skabo’s and Mrs.Chung’s classrooms. I discovered new beaches. Learned the difference between hila hila and hono hono. Ate too much hippie food. Sprained my toe three times in a combination of volleyball, ultimate frisbee and soccer.

Goodbyes have been tough this week. And ya packing is pretty annoying….
But in light of who Jesus is, the tediousness and what i consider to be my “least favorite” task, is actually just the smallest price to pay in order to get to walk within the perfect will of the Lord. This is no sacrifice. All that I ever have been and all that I amĀ is blessed!

Praise the one who goes before me, shields me, protects me, provides for me, defends me, prepares a place for me!
Praise the one who takes me by the right hand, leading me not down paths of ease and comfort, but paths that often feel like the wilderness.
Praise him who never leaves me and never forsakes me!

I would rather adventure with God through the beautiful chaos of his plans then try to live a day of this life on my own.


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