welcome to twenty seven

three weeks ago I sat in an office at the vancouver airport for five hours while a United States immigration officer explained to me that i spend 53% of my year living in the US, and according to these numbers it looks like I am intending to immigrate. he then proceeded to fingerprint me, feed me hersheys kisses and send me on my way back home.

Thus Kauai was put on hold, and i was frustrated because
A) repacking is annoying
B) buses and skytrains and ferries are annoying
C) being on hold with West Jet for 3 hours to rebook my flight is annoying
D) not being in Kauai for staff training is annoying

I was frustrated yet full of hope. My God is big. I know I am called to Kauai. I know I am needed in Kauai. So of course with tons of paperwork proving my ties to Canada and the prayer backing of pretty much everyone I know, I figured I had a golden ticket in.

so i rebooked my flight for Jan 11, this time through Bellingham as I felt like the Lord was leading me to try a border crossing instead of the airport. got as much paperwork as I could think of-empolyers letter, pastors letter, ywam letter, bank statements, phone bills, proof of ywam involvements, pay stubs, return ticket…everything.

the immigration officer noticed the letter from my pastor at CTK, and proceeded to tell me that he also goes to a Christ the King church in Linden, and that his pastor actually just moved to Kona to serve with Ywam there. he understood exactly what I was doing with Ywam, he understood I had a DTS to help staff starting in three days. but he also told me he could not in good conscience allow me to enter the US as a tourist when he knows i was doing religious work and not simply vacationing at the beach. I was encouraged to wait for my Religious workers visa to go through ( this is something I have been working on since July, it was just accepted into the system the end of December and it usually takes 3-5 months to go through).

honestly I was shocked.
I really thought there was no way I wouldn’t be allowed in when I had God on my side!
I cried pretty much the whole way home. not cause i dislike home at all. I love being home! but simply from the disappointment of not being a part of the DTS we had been planning since the summer. the disappointment of not getting to meet our six students, most of whom I had been in constant communication with for months, telling them in my most recent emails how excited I was to meet them.

but through the kindness of my immigration officer I clearly saw God’s answer to my prayers. even though being denied entry wasn’t the answer I was looking for, i can so clearly see how God intervened and chose just the right man to be the one to question me that day.
this obviously wasn’t some attack of the enemy preventing me from doing the will of God, this was God’s grace towards me saying Kimberly I know your dreams and desires to serve me in Kauai. yes I have called you there, but for now- I want you home.

and i am not going to pretend to fully understand the reasons why God wants me home for this extended season, but i will choose to trust him.
I think sometimes he just needs to get our focus off what or where we feel we are called to so we can get our eyes back on Him. not the visions. not the dreams. not what we can do or accomplish for Him – simply Him.

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