Cambo Part3.

january18/friday/day 40/Kampot

had a beautiful bicycle ride past rice fields, cows grazing, and children heading to school this morning. emily and I rode to fetch breakfast (bread, rice donuts, apples and bananas) for the team. house visits this morning went great, one woman, Sui, said her leg felt better after we prayed. she walked around on it for a bit and then exclaimed “Thank you, Jesus!”. so encouraging to see. played guitar, read Hosea, and then watched an amazing sunset while having a one on one with Gabriela. I just love hearing about what God is doing in my girl’s lives. mashed potatoes for dinner, and bible study to end off this wonderful blessed day!

House visit with Sui

House visit with Sui

jan31/wednesday/day 53/kampot

early morning teaching again (7am). the tuk tuk wouldnt start so Vuhty (our contact)had to take me on his motorbike, which is definitely  my favourite mode of transportation. told my grade 7 classes that today is my last day with them, and ended both classes with a round of hangman. I am gonna miss 7E&F so much! I have never enjoyed teaching english anywhere as much as I have these past couple weeks.


My grade 7 class


Having my portrait drawn

feb 13/wednesday/day66/airport

Jesus thank you for your grace. thank you for the gift of living two months of my life in beautiful cambodia. thank you for entrusting me with ten girls, and for teaching me through each of them. thank you for setting up this whole outreach for us. thank you for the salvations, the healings, the joy we got to see you bring.


it feels like the day after Christmas, after so much build up and anticipation the day came and passed. presents were exchanged, family was visited and a feast was enjoyed. you received some of what you asked for, but not everything. there were some disappointments but the blessings and joy overshadowed them all. and then, with one sleep the day is over, gone, complete. a new days arises with the the sun in the east, you wake up with a sigh and longing in your chest for more. for something more, for a replica experience, for more time. but reality sets and so does the truth- we have another year to go. in the same way it hits you, outreach has come and gone for the sixth time and I miss it already.


and so the chapter ends.



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