greeetings earthlings

aloha!! this is simply for liz who apparently checks everyday .. despite my lack of writing. smile liz! this blog will be temporary , once my dad finds the wireless internet card i left somewhere in his studio and mails it to me i will be rolling, for now i am borrowing someone elses laptop…. the blog i wrote last night is on my computer not this once i get myself hooked up that blog will probably replace this one.  im on day numero three now, these past few days have consisted of  getting to know everyone in my dts (29 of us) . walking to walmart, (like an hour and a half and asking numerous locals for directions), going to waikiki and swimming, playing cards, playing football, walking for many more hours, climbing trees, going to walmart again, swimming at another beach, bbq, making cup o wanton soup and forgetting it in the microwave (brb going to retreive it), two or more hours of volleyball, getting married  (yes im quick) , and da da dum dum…..eating nachos, heck yes.

 what about jesus you ask???  we had orientation today so pretty much just an introductions to staff and mission statements kinda thing followed by getting to know each other team games then beach bbq. actual schooling starts tomorrow. so pretty much up to now it has been a vacation for us all…..seriously the freedom we have here is awesome. on the way home from the beach a bunch of us wanted to got to walmart so our driver just stops at a red light and tells us to get out. no questions about when were gonna be back or anything… if we wanna go to starbucks for breakfast we dont run it by anyone just go which is really nice. i gotta get up at 5: 50 tomorrow ..a bunch of us are going jogging. i hate jogging..i bet i will be woken up to go then i will mumble something like “maybe tomorrow” roll over and go back to sleep. yes, that sounds like me. goodnight love.

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