“Kim! Kim!”  as im trying to pay attention during our meeting tonight i look over and theres Elijah , vying for my attention, showing me the stickers on his fingers. He was surrounded by all these other people yet he called out to me. I felt so special that a two year old (cutest child ever!) wanted to talk to me  And as he was smiling and talking to me my mind began reeling as i realized this is exactly how God views us. No, He doesnt need us. 

He is God!         

 His greatness, His holyness, His awsomeness is not dependant on the attention we give to him! Is not dependant on the amount of time we spend talking to Him or reading his word. Yet he longs for our attention anyways.  I cant even explain how it feels to have this little child grasp for my attention.  And when i have my own kids im sure the joy of hearing them call out my name will be a hundred fold. Sheer bliss. It gave me a tiny glimps of how much joy God has when we forget our distractions and call out His name.

If youve never had a child call to you , or come up and grab your hand you probably wont understand.Oh well. All im trying to say is call out to Him! He loves, loves, LOVES to hear your voice, it doesnt matter how long its been.

  So unlike last week we actually got to do our community outreach on Wednesday morning. My outreach is going to a Chinese old folks home and ministering there.This was our first week so we didnt actually have anything planned, we just went and chilled with these folks. We happened to be there for excercise time. So we led them in excercising. It turns out i have bad balance, but thats okay because old people find it really funny when a young canadian girl cant stand on one leg. But seriously now i dont believe they are at liberty to judge when theyre just lifting a foot from their wheelchairs. Its not fair!  

 These excercises had background music. Once upon a time this background music happened to be in the form of a song. The “Macarina”. So we danced to the macarina, oh how we, 7 dts students, danced for these old folks. They loved it. We loved it, i had a blast!

 In other news, this is what happens when two very mature women of God stumble upon a lost and found box at midnight:


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