(written monday sep 15)
so here i am.

these past few weeks ive had one reocurring thought in my head, it goes like this: “God, i can’t believe this is what you have for me!”

No really, how am i this blessed? I feel so honored to be a part of what he is doing here, its overwhelming at times.

First two weeks here we had staff training (this included a one week seminar on how to effectively live in community without strangeling each other)…. we went over logistics of the school, over individual work duties, prayed over the school. We felt the theme God gave us was mainly ‘The Time Is Now’, based out of Joshua 24 :15 “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve”. We just really sensed that God was gonna start things in this school right away, and that we needed to encourage the students to dive in without holding back.

Today lecture officially started and man God is so faithful! He answered all of our prayers. Tonight we had an application time and us as leaders had the privledge of washing the students feet and then praying for them. God moved. His spirit was so heavy in the room. I loved my DTS immensely , but i can already see the positive differences in this school compared to mine-i mean its only the first freaking day and he has done so much already.
Theres really honestly no feeling that compares to seeing young people in worship. laying face down on the floor, seeing women cry as you pray over them, hearing them declare that they want soo much more of God. Im so pumped for this school, i can hardly contain my excitment!

My co-leaders (all 16 of ’em) are all amazing and i felt right at home within a day or two.

Now for those of you who have no clue what exactly i am doing in hawaii for two years , here are some boring details on what a dts is and what my job actually entails:

Discipleship Training School is a five month program where students get roughly 7 years worth of church in 3 months of what we call lecture phase. We have different speakers each week that focus on different subjects ( Character and nature of God, Fear of the Lord, Apologetics, Holy Spirit, Intercession, Sevanthood, etc). Following this students go on an outreach for 2 months to various countries in southeast asia. So for me i am what they call “Support Staff” for the September DTS, as i do not go on outreach until my second school. Thus i come home at Christmas for three weeks and then go back and become “Outreach Staff” for the January school. comprende? Next summer after i have lead an outreach i come home mid June for 2 months and then repeat it all over again.
i have:
– lectures mon through fri
– worship twice a week
– intercession twice a week
-break out groups (which are small groups on subjects like integrity, identity, old testament, etc)
-outreach small groups (since im not leading an outreach for the september school, i only get to help lead one )
-my chores, persay, are hospitality and community outreach organizing
– reading/marking up students journals
-“one on ones” with students.
– kitchen duties every once in a while.
– community outreach on wednesdays, community evangelism friday nights
-co lead womens work outs mon, wed, fri at 6 am. woo, who woulda thought eh!
– photographer for various projects
…..and there are a bunch of other meetings and stuff i have to go to. life is crazy busy all the time, but its good.
in between the “work” i play alot of volleyball, ultimate, football, four square, go to the beach, read, walk to mcdonalds, watch prison break, practice guitar, and make smoothies in my miniature blender (its soo cute!).

that is all.
love to all.

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