in the usa…

there is no boxing day! who knew eh!

three more days left of lectures…. how crazy is that! the cambodia team is the first to head off-next sunday they leave. followed by team kyrgistan, bangladesh, and philippines a couple days after that. i was support staff for team cambo these past three months so it will especially be hard to say goodbye to all of them when i want to go with them soo bad! today i had a craving for grilled cheese sandwiches with miracle whip, luckily im heading home for Christmas and thus my dreams will then be fulfilled.

im not sure where to start. i guess with what i am learning:
God is soo good.
He is incredibly trustworthy.
His timing is perfect.

some pretty basic sunday school stuff, that ive known all along but he is revealing to me in new ways.

i had the laziest day today. it was pouring rain, thus i had an egg nog chai latte, watched hitch, sat on three different couches, and now im sitting on the computer still in my pj’s.
geez louis ive been sitting here staring at this screen zoning out for fifteen minutes.i dont feel like writing.
i will add more later.

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